Material Matters Conference - 2-3 April 2012, London


Profile: Bradley Quinn

Bradley Quinn is a British writer and critic who contributes to magazines and newspapers worldwide. His books include Techno Fashion, The Fashion of Architecture, Chinese Style, Scandinavian Style, Textile Designers at the Cutting Edge, Textile Futures, Design Futures and Fashion Futures. Bradley also produces trend forecasts each season and produces inspirational trend concepts for clients in the creative industries.

Talk: Fashion Futures

Fashion is moving forward more dramatically now than ever before. Fresh dialogues are unfolding between designer and wearer, and radical new styles are taking fashion to extremes. Information technology and new materials are reinventing clothing as we know it, making fashion a potent source of technological and material innovation. Futuristic designs are often inspired by surprising sources: science, climate change, space suits, artificial intelligence, genetic engineering and nanotechnology. In future, some garments will be grown like plants and harvested each season. Many will be 3D printed, and others will be fabricated alongside laptops and computer hardware. Demands for heightened security and greater accountability will make every stage of the garment’s life cycle traceable, made possible by microscopic tags that catalogue each step.  Bradley Quinn will survey these areas and many others, charting how fashion will look, perform, be manufactured and purchased in the near future.