Material Matters Conference - 2-3 April 2012, London


Profile: Sir Richard Friend

Richard Friend is the Cavendish Professor of Physics in the University of Cambridge. He has developed the semiconductor physics of pi-conjugated organic polymers, and his research group has demonstrated that these materials can be used in wide range of semiconductor devices, including light-emitting diodes and transistors.  He co-founded Cambridge Display Technology Ltd in 1992 to develop light-emitting diode displays, Plastic Logic Ltd in 2000, to develop polymer transistor circuits that are now being developed as flexible active-matrix backplanes for e-paper displays, and Eight-19 Ltd in 2010 to develop plastic solar cells.

Plenary: Flexible Electronics

Over the past two decades we have learned how to make carbon-based molecular materials behave in silicon-like ways. We can now make displays, electronic paper or solar cells from materials that are very thin and inherently flexible. To date these are found in conventional consumer products such as cell phone displays. Beyond this we can expect new functions, new design and new uses well outside the current scope of ‘electronics’. Taking a new material from laboratory to the high street is however a long process, with many unexpected twists and turns along the way.