Guinea Pigs

Hey, friends. Today we are going to discuss ten reasons to get guinea pigs. These are things that I noticed after living with my guinea pig herd of five for a couple of years.

1. They come in different colors and breeds:-

There are so many different colors and breeds of guinea pigs out there that you will find your guinea pig. There can be long hair, short-haired, or curls; they can have many different colors or just one. They all look different and cute, and I cannot really pick a favorite type.

2. They popcorn:-

This is probably one of my favorite things about guinea pigs. Not only do they make these super cute motions where they jump in the air and make weak, this behavior also has a super fun name. It’s popcorn because it looks like corn is about to pop. Also, one guinea pig often motivates the others to popcorn as well. Hence you have a bunch of corn lets’s ready to pop. Popcorn also leads to zoomies, or the other way around, whichever came first. But a zooming guinea pig is a pretty much-running lapse in its cage, except it doesn’t really look coordinated or even like they have any sort of control over their running.

3. Guinea pigs have super fun personalities:-

All guinea pigs are different, and they all have different personalities. Some are shy, some are adventurous, some are lazy, and some are always up to something. What they all have in common is that they usually have big personalities. So whatever their personality is treated, it’s going to be noticeable.

4. They’re quick learners:-

Contrary to the prejudice that guinea pigs are lazy and not very intelligent, they are actually fast learners. Contrary to the prejudice that guinea pigs are lazy and not very intelligent, they are actually fast learners. They can learn to open treat boxes, do little tricks, or react to their name. They are big on food, so the key to fast learning is always a treat.

5. Once they’ve gotten the hang of it, they are easy to care:-

Guinea pig care, so their diet, their cake setup and health can seem a bit daunting when you first start doing your research. You will easily settle into a routine of things you need to do in order for your guinea pigs to live a happy life.

6. They can live in many environments:-

You don’t need to own a farm to keep guinea pigs, but you can. They can live in many environments, from apartments in cities to large houses in the countryside to a properly insulated shed outside. They do need a fair amount of space, but it is possible to provide this in small apartments if you’re willing to kick out a chair or bookshelf. You can also put their cage on top of furniture to save space.

7. They’re super busy:-

They also love to be lazy. But if you talk to guinea pigs and interact with them, rearrange their cage set up. They are super busy pets. Once one guinea pig starts exploring, the others simply have to follow. They also do this thing where they follow one another, especially when they’re exploring their surroundings, which is called a piggy train and which looks super adorable.

8. They adapt to your routine and life:-

Guinea pigs spend their days resting and eating hay when you’re not at home. They have each other and are fine with being without humans for the day. They will quickly learn when you get home from work, when you feed them, and when it’s playtime.

9. Guinea pigs live longer than other rodents:-

With an average lifespan of six to eight years, guinea pigs live quite a long life compared to other rodents. They will bring a smile to your face and you might throw out your TV.

10. Guinea pigs are super fun to be around:-

They have very happy pets, and their sounds range from relaxing, such as chewing hay or quietly talking to themselves, to super adorable, such as waking for food. If you have a bad day, your guinea pigs are going to cheer you up, for sure, because they’re always up to something. Also, the more guinea pigs you have, the more fascinating their interactions are going to be. Watching a herd of guinea pigs trying out a new hammock or thinking about ways to reach a treat is way more entertaining than TV.

These are the few reasons to get guinea pigs, and obviously these are very personal, so feel free to comment more down below.

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