Belgian Malinois Dogs

Belgian Malinois Dogs height between 24.01 to  25.98 inches.
Belgian Malinois Dogs Weight in the range of 59.96 to 80.02 pound.
Female Belgian Malinois have a height between 22.04 to 24.01 inches.
Female Belgian Malinois weight in the range of 39.90 to 80.02 pounds.
Lifespan- 12 to 14 years

The Belgian Malinois is a world-class worker and shares a great bond with humans. This breed was first bred in the city of melons in the Northwestern region of Belgium. These dogs are quite useful for specific tasks. They are working dogs in the police department’s a Male can be very helpful for the police as it can detect odors of explosives, narcotics, Etc. They’re also used by the police department’s for rescue missions. They are proud and alert herders, they to be strong and well-muscled. This large and high energy breed are thus used as working dogs for the police And military. Belgian Malinois is also called as a game changer in the fight against rhino poaching in South Africa. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty and strength. It is a versatile, breed and excels in a wide variety of tasks. This breed is often misunderstood with German Shepherds. Belgian Malinois are very much different from German shepherd as they are smaller and have a shorter coat.

Belgian Malinois Dogs Appearance          

Belgian Malinois have a square shaped body with a medium to large size.

They have a double coat. The top coat is short and hard to the touch, whereas their undercoat is dense and soft. The code is longer around their necks. Coat color can vary from Mahogany to a light yellowish tan. Their face is black with large chocolate colored eyes. Males have black erect ears with a black muzzle. I chose and chest have black tipping’s. They are well-muscled and have a proud Carriage of their neck and chest their head and back are dark, and the colour Fades away towards their belly. Some Malinois have white spots around their breast bone.

Belgian Malinois Dogs Size

Male Belgian Malinois have a height between 24.01 to  25.98 inches, or 61 to 66 cm and Weight in the range of 59.96 to 80.02 pound or 27.2 to 36.3 kilograms.

Female Belgian Malinois have a height between 22.04 to 24.01 inches or 56 to 61 cm and weight in the range of 39.90 to 80.02 pounds or 18.1 to 36.3 k g.

The Belgian Malinois has an overall body length of roughly 33.85 to 40.15 inches or 86 to 102 two cm.


The life expectancy of a Belgian Malinois can be 12 to 14 years. Some Belgian Malinois can also live up to 14 to 16 years.


Belgian Malinois have a short-haired coat, but these working dogs do shed. In fact, the Belgian read usually sheds twice a year at the changing of the seasons. Apart from shedding Seasons, Belgian Malinois will shed regularly throughout the year. So you can back to find a moderate amount of hair on your clothes, furniture and floor. Shedding their hair is a part of their natural cycle. This breed sheds a lot in the fall and spring. The owners need to brush them regularly during this period.


Belgian Malinois should be brushed once a week with a bristle brush. This removes dead skin from their coat and spreads the natural oils evenly. Grooming also includes ear cleaning, nail, trimming, trimming the pads and a dental hygiene ears need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure there’s no infection.

In some dogs the hair around the ears needs to be removed for proper air circulation. However, some hair should be left as it protects against debris and dust. The frequency of bathing depends on their lifestyle, and active dog can get more into dirt rather than an indoor and therefore active dogs need more baths. This breed has an extremely dense undercoat in a big top coat that shelters it from water and different weather conditions. Therefore, you might need to spend some extra minutes cleaning the coat and loosen the hair.


Belgian Malinois are stubborn, active, protective and friendly. They do not show signs of aggression or shyness in new situations. They’re smart and show territorial instincts. Well, trained dogs develop active and hardworking behaviors, whereas underdeveloped dogs can show you neurotic behaviors, Well, trained dogs develop active and hardworking behaviors, whereas underdeveloped dogs can show you neurotic behaviours.

Belgian Malinois show very high energy levels as compared to other dogs. They usually have puppy like energy, tell the age of three. Some show this energy, tell the age of five. Some dogs show extremely playful and cheerful nature throughout their life. They have an obedient working nature.


Belgian Malinois are very smart and intelligent dogs and are known for their high IQ. They are a perfect breed of dogs for police work. According to the intelligence of dogs by Stanley coren, Belgian Malinois are ranked at number 16 they understand you commands after 5 to 15 repetitions. They obey their first command 85% of the time, or better.


The Belgian Malinois are known for their impressive strength. These dogs are agile and can compete and different dog agility trials. They are one of the most popular breeds used in protection.


This breed needs an active outdoor environment with regular exercise. It greatly benefits from being off leash in a safe area.. They need at least 20 minutes of Activity 3 to 4 times a day.

They are built for action and leisurely Walk don’t satisfy them.. Malinois makes great running. hiking and biking Companions, and they excel at agility, tracking, hurting, Etc.

They love to exercise with their owners nearby. And this is the best way to keep them healthy and happy.


This breed is highly trainable and obedient. They can detect the smallest movements and even changes in facial expressions. Positive reinforcement is the best technique to train the speed as a discipline can lead to bad behavior. They need high intensity training to remain healthy. These dogs love to chase moving things like birds, cars or bicycles. And therefore early socialization is a must for them. The length of the training sessions should be increased as a dog gets older. Socializing them can prevent them from Chasing Cars, children, objects, Etc.

Teaching them the Sip Walk and Run can make them obedient and this should be done at a younger age.

Good with family

Belgian Malinois are quite friendly, but they do show aggressive behavior towards strangers. They can be taught to be gentle and obedient with proper training. They love to spend time with their owners and this can lead to more obedient behavior.

Apartment living.

The Belgian Malinois is a highly active breed and needs regular exercise. It will do quite all right in an apartment If sufficient exercise has provided. It is quite active indoors but it’s best comes out in yards. It prefers a cool climate, but Belgian Malinois adapts to other temperatures, easily.

Separation anxiety

Just like any other breed of dogs the Belgian Malinois prefer to be around their owners and can build up anxiety if left alone for a long time. These dogs can show different symptoms like excessive barking, howling whining, Etc.

Separation anxiety can be reduced by different psychological techniques like dog puzzles.

Health issues

Belgian Malinois suffer from different health issues throughout their lives. With proper care and attention, they live a happy and healthy life. They are prone to develop different genetic problems. Some of the health issues include hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, panas and hemangiol sarcoma. To identify some of these issues early a veterinarian May recommend regular tests on the dog’s eyes, hips and elbows.

It is important to keep their ears and eyes clean to prevent any infections. Also, their nails should be trimmed regularly to maintain cleanliness.

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