Basenji Dog
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Basenji Dog is known for their small and muscular body, erect ears that give them alert expression, a tail that is curled tightly, and a wrinkled brow that gives them a curious and sometimes naughty expression. However, what lies behind their appearance that captured many people’s hearts? In this article we’ll get to know more […]

Akita dog
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Why should you buy Akita Dog? Getting a dog/puppy as a pet can be an arduous task. It keeps you wondering what breed is the perfect fit for you. Aside from that, you think about the price and location and start to think how your budget can afford one. Well, have you heard of the […]

German Spitz
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Dogs or puppies makes lovely pet but it seems an arduous task to be able to identify a pure breed in German spitz dogs or puppies. Well, don’t stress yourself because this page provide you the best information inorder to make the best selection. Stay glued to this page! What do you need to know […]

Signs Your Dog is Very Happy and Healthy
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As a loving pet owner, we all want our dogs to be happy. However, dogs can’t speak the same language as us, so sometimes it is difficult to tell if they are actually enjoying themselves or not. And some dogs may be so laid back that they may never seem happy, even though they’re sending […]

Belgian Malinois Dogs

Belgian Malinois Dogs height between 24.01 to  25.98 inches.Belgian Malinois Dogs Weight in the range of 59.96 to 80.02 pound.Female Belgian Malinois have a height between 22.04 to 24.01 inches.Female Belgian Malinois weight in the range of 39.90 to 80.02 pounds.Lifespan- 12 to 14 years The Belgian Malinois is a world-class worker and shares a […]

Siberian Husky dog
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Dogs make excellent pets for a variety of reasons, one of which is their ability to alleviate isolation. There are moments in our lives where we are not surrounded by a large number of friends or family members. Having a dog as a friend can be very soothing at these times. Dogs enjoy being in […]