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Chow Chow Dog Prices in India: A-Z Guide that Works for All

Chow Chow Dog

Are you a dog lover and thinking of acquiring a chow chow dog? I know that you are on this page to know more about the chow chow breed. You might be wondering if this breed can survive in India if it originated from China. The answer is a big “YES” and Chow Chows survive well in the Indian habitat and living conditions. can survive in the Indian habitat. You can without stress find this breed in most places in India and are very popular in cities such as Mumbai and Delhi.

So, on this review, you won’t be disappointed but ensure you follow through to the end as we update your knowledge on the chow chow dog. Get informed about the chow chow price in India and other expenses and thank us later. We can guide you to make the best decision in acquiring a Chow chow by getting you informed. Let’s begin!

What is Chow Chow?

I am not here to bore you with long definitions but to give you the information in the simplest way. I will give you an image of this dog as I relay to you its features. Chow chow, according to history is a breed that originated from China over 2000 years ago. Based on historical facts, this dog origination dates back to the Hand Dynasty in 206 BcC-220 AD, which makes it one of the oldest types of dogs around the world. It is genetically compared to the wolf.

It was originally named the Black Tom dog, Wolf dog, bear dog, and also known as Songshi Quan (Puffy or cuddly Lion dogs). It is recorded that the name “Chow Chow” is a derivation from an English terminology in the 19th century that refers to an orient cargo. They are known not to be noisy dogs but to bark when threatened by new situations.

This is a dog that is square in its profile with a sturdy build, broad skull, small and triangular erect ears, and rounded tips. Its double coat is known to be dense, neither smooth or rough with thick for at the neck region and a distinct mane appearance. This breed is a fluffy medium size dog that has a black and blue tongue which makes it fascinating. It is said to look like a mini lion or cat-like appearance.

The chow chow is a 45 to 70 pounds Chinese dog that stands at 17 to 20 inches on its legs. The lips are downturned and this makes this breed look angry with its tail curling over its back and its thick double coat. The most common type is the red chow chow but it also comes in the variant shades of blue, black, cinnamon, and even cream colour.

According to some reports gathered from the owners, it is opined to be the cleanest among other types of dogs and can easily be domesticated because of its less smell and being meticulous as the cats. They usually attach to an owner and can be very protective as well as seek adequate and regular attention from their owners. Although they are generally known to be mean, grouchy, aloof, and haughty towards strangers but can be playful most times after their attachment to their owner. In the beginning, chow chow was a sporting dog used for hunting partridges and pheasants by the Chinese aristocrats but in recent times, it is mainly used as a lovable companion and domestic guard dog.

Peculiar Traits or Features:-

Let’s take a look at the peculiar traits that make up this breed and which you should look out for when acquiring one.

Weight:- (in dogs, it weighs 40-90Ib, 18-41kg and in bitches weigh 35-85Ib, 16-39kg; Male: 25–32 kg and Female: 20–27 kg).

Height:- (the height ranges from 17-22 inches, that is, 43 to 56cm; Male: 48–56 cm and Female: 46–51 cm).

Color:- (there is various color that can be found in this breed which includes the common red which is light gold/ red-brown, cinnamon which is light tan to brown, blue, cream, and even black).

Coat:- Thick, neither rough nor smooth and coarse.

Lifespan:– The estimated lifespan of this breed is 11-14 years.

Litter size:- (the size ranges from 4-7).

Friendliness– (it is reported that 1 out of 5 is friendly)

Training:- 2.5 out of 5 is trainable to be domesticated. The training must be firm and consistent to enable it to learn faster.

Adaptability:- It is given that 3.5 out of 5 adapts.

Exercise timeline:- The breed needs 3 out 5 exercise patterns. It is a non-sporting breed.

Group:- This breed is known to be a working dog.

Here are other peculiarities of this breed that is worthy of note.

Social status: Chow Chow is considered to be a social dog and can be made to be aware of new people and situations around them in their early puppyhood to enable their friendliness.

Sight: It should be noted that Chow Chow can’t view people approaching from behind as a result of their limitations in peripheral vision and the deep-set eyes covered by their thick coats. This means that they should always be approached from the front instead of their back.

Smart and independent: Chow Chow is considered to be very smart and independent. Their caring owner can appreciate them by using these peculiarities to their advantage.

Supportive and protective: Chow Chow offers support and comfort to their owner, one person, or even a family they have formed a bond with. They are sometimes overprotective when they are in contact with trespassers or visitors or strangers.

Prices of Chow Chow in India:-

“What is the price of a Chow Chow Dog in India?” This is a frequently asked question and this article is here to present the perfect answers to that and other myriad questions. After intensive researches, we found out the following that will be useful to you.

In India, the prices of Chow Chow ranges from 30,000 to 50,000 rupees which is the approximated cost for this breed. Chow Chow price starts from Rs.28,000 and can go up to over Rs.50,000 in India based on the quality, size, coat/fur, colour, health factors, and even the location.

Let’s take a look at variant prices at some states and regions in India when you can buy a Chow chow;

The Chow Chow breed price in Delhi is from 32,000 Rs to 52,000 Rs which is the estimation. When buying a chow chow, consider the colour, sizes, breeds, and variety of quality that is made available to you. Ensure you do not just make a purchase from any breeder but a reputable one that can provide after-sales services.

In Mumbai, the Chow chow price isn’t so much different from that one in Delhi. One thing to look out for in Mumbai before making your purchase is the breed type. You should update your information bank on how this breed can be mixed because there exist the mils breeders and mixed breed. The prices range from 30,000Rs to 50,000Rs. Be a smart Mumbai chow chow buyer to avoid regrets.

Chow Chow can also be purchased in Kolkata and can get it lesser. The prices range from 29,000Rs to 50,000Rs. To get the quality breed, be informed by carrying out adequate research in order to be able to identify mil breeds, mixed breeders or any other type that isn’t a chow chow.

In other major cities where chow chow can easily be purchased are: Arunachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Hyderabad, chow chow can be purchased from (40,000 to 50,000Rs); Karnataka (30,000-35,000Rs); Jaipur (35,000Rs to 50,000Rs) and Punjab (48,000Rs to 53,000Rs).

Other expenses to be considered include: the Vet cost which covers the basic and lab test approximated to be within the range of 1,200Rs to 4,000 Rs; feeding cost excluding treats and snacks (4,000Rs to 7,000Rs monthly); Spay Cost (500 to 600Rs) training cost for a full course estimated at (2,000Rs to 5,000 Rs) and other miscellaneous expenses (1,000Rs to 2,000Rs)

Factors that influence the prices of chow chow in India

Quality and where to buy: take this advice whenever you go out to buy a chow chow in any location. Do not buy chow chow from pet mils due to their unethical breeding styles as they give their unhealthy food. Their environments are unhealthy and profit-making is their main aim. They do have eye-catching and mouth-watering prices but there is a lack of quality in the breeds produced. Buy from trusted pet shop owners or organizations which will guarantee high quality in the breed.

Health: it will be a disaster to purchase a chow chow that comes with health challenges. The healthy and strong ones are more expensive but being physically fit in the long run saves cost.

Dependence on demand and supply: just like in economics, the higher the demand and supply, the higher the prices. High demand and supply of chow chow to Indians causes an increment in the prices of this breed.

Ground Rule From the review done so far, you will realize those different cities have their price structure. Read this article to the end in order to be properly guided to have the best choice in acquiring a chow chow.

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