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German Spitz Price in India: City-Wise Costs and Full Information

German Spitz

Dogs or puppies makes lovely pet but it seems an arduous task to be able to identify a pure breed in German spitz dogs or puppies. Well, don’t stress yourself because this page provide you the best information inorder to make the best selection. Stay glued to this page!

What do you need to know about the German spitz dog?

This breed has been a pet choice for most Indians in recent times. Just as the name suggests, the German spitz breed originated from Germany. It is a small size dog that is sometimes confused with the Pomeranian breed but larger in its stature and height. They are loved and adored for their friendliness, cuteness as well as their intelligence.

It is known to be a single breed and have five varieties which is based on their colour and size. These are; Wolfsspitz, also known as Keeshond, Mittelspitz, the giant spitz, Zwergspitz or dwarf and the Kleinspitz. This breed is a long-haired with double coat which are long/straight, short/thick cotton wool undercoat.

The British introduced the German Spitz to Indians who breed them afterwards. It is believed that the German spitz is a descendant from the Nordic spitz which is known as herding dogs and spreadas far as Britain during the middle age.The count Eberhard Zu Sayn in 1450 first mention the German spitz dogwho acknowledged the breed as a brave protector of their fields and homes.

After years of Indians breeding the German Spitz dogs, they have been able to adapt to the conditions and adjust to the heat in india. According to historical reports, before the Indian government certified the importation of dogs in the early 2000, the German Spitz was commonly used as pet.

 TheGerman spitz dogs adjust to any lifestyle which might be living in a small house, a farmhouse or any other type of living conditions.They were initially breed to play roles such as guarding, hunting, herding and other duties until the smaller ones were bred to be used as companions.The main aim is to get them fed regularly and groomed the right way.

Characteristics of German Spitz:-

  • German Spitz dog are active,highly intelligent, loyal and friendly.
  • German Spitz dogs easily adapt to human interactions, make good companion and acts according to instructions.
  • Their maintenance/ care is cheaper in comparison to other dogs and makes good house pets
  • They are easy to train and have fast leaning abilities.
  • German spitz comes in two varieties which are the great spitz and the small spitz
  • Their height is between 12-15 inches and weigh 24-26 pounds with a life expectancy of 13-15 years.
  • The Germanspitz comes in diverse colours which are; white, sable gold, blue/brown, orange, cream and can also be bi-colored(black/tan) or parti-colored.
  • It is small or medium size in nature, has a fox-like head and a tail that curls over its back.

German Spitz Dog/Puppy Price in India:-

It will be of interest to you that the German Spitz isn’t expensive but affordable in comparison to other dogs/puppies. As a result of its affordability, it is a popular dog among Indians. The German Spitz dog isn’t an exotic breed which makes it not highly priced for most people who decides to go for it. Simply put, it is cheap for those who do not have a huge budget for acquiring a dog.The prices in each city in India differs depending on the location and the breeder or pet organization you are dealing with.Here is a price list that is worth considering.

Basic: German Spitz dog within this variation prices range from 5000Rs to 10,000Rs. These are dogs or puppies that are not registered to any KCI.

KCI Registered: this means Kennel club of India and the benefit of getting a German Spitz dog or puppy from this organization is that the canine has a pass mark, participate in dog shows and has obtained a KCI registration certificate. German spitz within this variation price is from 10,000Rs to 15,000Rs.

Quality: acquiring a German Spitz in this variation, you need 15,000Rs to 40,000Rs. The quality of the German Spitz is guaranteed and meets the requirements stated in the Breed standards and the canine shows quality.

City-Wise German spitz prices in India:-

Listed below are places where you can easily purchase a German Spitz dog/puppy.

Mumbai (5000Rs-9000Rs)

Delhi (5000Rs-12000Rs)

Bangalore (5000Rs-7000Rs)

Raipur (5000Rs-7000RS)

Lucknow (6,000Rs-12,000Rs)

Assam (4000Rs to 6000Rs)

Gujarat (5000Rs-8000Rs)

Bihar (3000Rs-8000Rs)

Guwahati (12,000Rs-16,000Rs)

Jharkhand (3000Rs-8000Rs)

Panaji (4000Rs-8000Rs)

Pune (4000Rs-8000Rs)

Andhra Pradesh (5000Rs-8000Rs)

Arunachal Pradesh (4000Rs-8000Rs)

Chennai (4000Rs-8000Rs)


Uttar Pradesh(3000Rs-8000Rs)

Kolkata (5000Rs-8000Rs)


Manipur (4000Rs-7000Rs)

Kerala (5000Rs-8000Rs)

Nagaland (3000Rs-8000Rs)

Factors That Affect the German Spitz Price in India:-

Quality: there is a variation in German spitz in India despite their affordability. The mixed breed may encounter health issues which makes them to be sold at a cheaper rate. The pure bred German spitz are costlier and can be sold around 8000Rs.

Breeder or pet store owner:the breeder and pet store determine the price of the German spitz. The reputable ones are able to guarantee the best quality in the in the purebred which makes them sell at a higher price than the non-reputable breeders or pet stores.

Color and size: these two factors also affect the price of German spitz in India. Most German spitz color in India is milky white shade. The price might go up when there is a scarcity or rareness of a particular shade in the German spitz. There is no increment in price when other colors are sold. The size of German spitz is 5-7kg and 12-22kg. the different sizes and weight can greatly influence the price o the German spitz in India.

Location:German spitz price is also dependent on the geographical location and differs from one city to another. The areas that are more developed, place higher prices on the German spitz than the places that are less developed.

Age/ Gender:the female gender is cheaper to the male ones. The young pups are more expensive than the fully-matured, adults or older German spitz. These two factors determine the expensiveness of the German spitz in different cities in India.

Generation type: The price standards can be regulated based on the type of generation of the German spitz. The price may differ in different cities due to the makeup or generation or variety of the German spitz.

Cost of maintenance of German spitz:-

The German spitz maintenance cost is affordable because they do not require a very high maintenance cost. The cost of maintenance, in comparison to other types of dogs is at a lower cost and a dog owner can take up this responsibility. The maintenance cost is within the price range of 1200Rs to 2500Rs. The additional costs depend on the choice of a German spitz owner.

Feeding maintenance:-

The size of the German spitz determine the cost of feeding. The estimated costs are 4000Rs to feed the German spitz pet food that of quality standard. The German spitz can also be fed food items such as; boiled eggs, chapattis, rice, curd and many more. However, feeding your German spitz quality food can keep it in good health which in turn prevent diseases. The vet and breeder should be consulted at all times to select the best food.

Grooming Cost:-

It isn’t only the human beings that should look nice and presentable in our society. Grooming is essential and cannot be overemphasized because it helps your German spitz look nice, attractive and good looking in appearance. In addition, grooming is important to prevent diseases and keep the hygiene of your German spitz under checks and balances. This improve and enhance the total well-being of the German Spitz.

The grooming cost is largely dependent on the type and the vet consulted. You should prepare as much as 2000Rs to 3000Rs to cover the grooming cost for your German spitz. More so, the grooming costs is largely dependent on how much as the German spitz dog owner is willing to spend to make it look good and healthy.

Cost of Training:-

The training of a German spitz helps it to socialize and be obedient. You should have 1000Rs to 1500Rs to pay a trainer to get the job done.

Above all, the German Spitz dog or puppy serves as a great companion. Go through this page, and I believe that you will find the information useful. Don’t hesitate to share with others who want good information to aid their selection of an excellent German Spitz.

Things to look out for when purchasing or adopting a German spitz

To ensure that you get the best quality when selecting a German spitz, check out the following things explained below.

Color of the German spitz:-

The color of the German spitz is predominantly white. There might be other colors such as brown/black but are rare to find in India. We recommend that you look out to purchase a white German spitz breed to avoid regrets and get the best deal.


The German spitz have a double coat with a yellow tail and soft chest. The fur on the coat is long, soft and feels like the cotton.


To be on a safer side, it is important to ask for the right documents to verify the authenticity of the breed you are paying for. Go through the document and check thoroughly the necessary things such as a KCI registration and other legal details.

I believe you have gotten full information on this page. Don’t hesitate to read through to aid your selection process. Share with others who need the perfect guide to buying the best German spitz.

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