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Know All About Basenji Dog Pros & Cons

Basenji Dog

Basenji Dog is known for their small and muscular body, erect ears that give them alert expression, a tail that is curled tightly, and a wrinkled brow that gives them a curious and sometimes naughty expression. However, what lies behind their appearance that captured many people’s hearts? In this article we’ll get to know more about Basenji dogs.

Originally used to hunt using their incredible sense of smell and sense of sight, The Basenji hunt small game in a village to control the population of rodents. While they’re not used for the same purpose anymore, today they are known for being lovable and adorable furry friends.


1. Basenji Dog like to keep themselves clean:-

The Basenji Dog is known for its catlike grooming habits. In fact, they like to keep themselves very clean so that they do not make the most enthusiastic and excited dogs when you invite them to play outside and because they like to keep themselves clean. These dogs are low maintenance when it comes to grooming. They do shed, but because they have a short and fine coat, brushing them a few times a week will keep their hair in its best condition. When it comes to bathing, Basenji should only be bathed when necessary, such as when they get really dirty. Brush their teeth as frequently as you can, to prevent the build up of bacteria, as well as to prevent bad breath. Trim their nails once it gets long and check their eyes and ears for any signs of infection.

2. Basenji Dog are not barkers:-

Known as the barkers dog Basenji are not frequent barkers. However, it does not mean that they are silent. From time to time, these dogs will enjoy doing vocalizations that range from screams, yowls and yodels, among others. That said, if you’re not a fan of a dog that barks with everything they see but would still want a dog that communicates with you through its adorable vocals, this breed will make a great choice.

3. Basenji Dog are courageous dogs:-

Despite being quiet dogs, Basenjis are brave dogs who will protect their people at all costs. If there is an intruder who tries to harm you, this breed will not hesitate to defend you with everything they have. While there is no question with regards to their bravery, Basenjis fall short as guard dogs considering their size.

4. Basenji Dog are excellent sports competitors:-

If you’re an active person and would want a dog that can keep up with your lifestyle, the Basenjis will make an excellent choice. These dogs are the aces when we talk about lure coursing. They were originally used to hunt by scent in sight another sport that these dogs excel in is agility while they’re not the most obedient dogs out there. They may still be successful in this area if you are creative enough to training

5. Basenji Dog make great exercise buddies:

Basenji Dog love getting active, daily exercise is a requirement for these dogs which can be in the form of daily walks and play sessions so long as they are given 30 minutes of exercise every day. This breed can live in small spaces such as apartments or condos. If you live in a home with a yard make sure that there is no opportunity for your dog to run loose you will also need to keep them on a leash whenever you take them out for a walk keep in mind that these dogs love to chase after small animals and once they catch a scent.


1. Basenji Dog tend to be hard headed:-

There’s no doubt about the dog’s intelligence. Basenjis can have a stubborn streak too, while they do know the commands that you’re trying to teach them. The question is whether they will perform that command or not at first they may obey the command but if they realize that there is no reward or purpose for doing such an action they might not listen to you anymore. Basenjis need an owner who is firm yet kind, patient and consistent with the training it is also important to use positive reinforcement techniques when training these dogs such as food rewards, praises and plenty of playtimes.

2. Basenji Dog do not get along well with smaller animals:-

Because of their prey drive Basenjis should not be trusted with smaller animals, unless they are raised together. They may chase after cats, rabbits and smaller animals that they see outdoors, so it is best to keep them on a leash whenever you take them out.

3. Basenjis are known for being escape artists:-

Basenjis tend to use their intelligence to run loose. A simple fenced yard will not be enough to contain them. Aside from supervising them whenever they are outdoors, you also need to ensure that you’re using a tall fence, as they may easily jump from shallow ones. The Basenjis tendency to escape is the result of boredom,  therefore make sure to provide them with daily exercise to eliminate such unwanted behavior.

4. Basenjis need early socialization and training:-

Like all other dogs, Basenjis can become timid or aggressive, which is not ideal for any dogs if they’re not trained and socialized. With their tendency to be stubborn and chased after smaller animals, it is evident that early socialization and proper training are important for these dogs. While they are still young, expose them to different people, sights, sounds, animals and environments so that they grow into well rounded dogs. With his unique appearance and personality, the Basenjis is not the breed for everyone but for those who appreciate this little dog’s attitude and intelligence, he can be the ideal companion.

Do you think that the Basenjis is the right dog breed for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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