Maltese Dog and Puppy

Maltese dog price in India around 30,000INR to 60,000INR
Male (20-26cm), Female ( 20-24cm).
Weight: Male (3-5kg), Female(3-5kg)
Lifespan: 11-15 years
Colors: White, Biege and Cream
Litter size: 4 puppies
Size: Small
Origin: Mediterranean Basin.

You are welcomed to this page where you get full information that helps you make an informed decision. We have decided to enlighten you to have full knowledge of the Maltese price in India around 30,000INR to 60,000INR. Get prepared for the best!

The Maltese grasp people’s attention on sight because it is a toy breed. Due to its beauty, it comes at an expensive price. It is a small size dog but the Maltese breed comes at a high price. It has the following that is worthy of note.

Height: male (20-26cm), Female ( 20-24cm).
Weight: Male (3-5kg), Female(3-5kg)
Lifespan: 11-15 years
Colors: White, Biege and Cream
Litter size: 4 puppies
Size: Small
Origin: Mediterranean Basin
Feeding: 1/4 to 1/2 cup of high-quality dry food a day( at least two meals per day).
Temperament: Active, playful, friendly, Responsive and gentle.
Breed group: Gun Dog, AKC Toy, Companion dog.
Exercise & Training requirements: Moderate.
Grooming needs: High

History and Origin of the Maltese:-

Despite the name it is called, there is no proven fact that the Maltese breed originated from Malta. It belongs to the canine toy groups  which makes it a beautiful and Lovable toy breed. There is a belief that it origination is from the spitz-dog family  of Germany species. American Kennel Club in 1888 recognized the breed and was accepted by the  Fédération Cynologique Internationale under the patronage of Italy in 1955 at the annual meeting in Switzerland.

However, Maltese  origin is still a mystery as there is no proven scientific link to a particular place. It is one of the cutest and adorable breed you can find in many cities in india.  The particular dog ‘s name has been mentioned by varioud painters, artists and even writers in Rome, Egypt and Greece as far as 2000 years ago. There are diverse beliefs that Maltese originated from Italy and Isle of Malta while others think it is from Asia.

Interestingly, according to some myth or beliefs,  when a Maltese is placed beside a sick person, the dog can cure the illness.

Characteristics and Appearance of Maltese:-

  • Maltese have grey and white eyes, short/square faces, upright posture and stocky look. They are  gentle breeds of the canine toy group, great playmate and get along with people.Maltese has black eyeballs that are round shape, dropped ears and a long tail over it’s back. On rare breeds, there can be a lemon hue on the ear or a light tan.
  • Maltese  have a charming and sweet temperament which makes them friendly. Their friendliness can also be affected by their heredity, socialization and training.
  • Maltese are highly intelligent, energetic and gentle-mannered.
  • They are known to be family dog and great companion as well as well as get along with other dogs and pets.
  • Maltese shed little of their hypoallergenic coat.
  • Maltese coat needs regular care to prevent tear staining and matting.
  • Maltese have  a black- buttoned nose, an expressive face, a round skull, and a finger-wide dome.
  • Maltese have high tendency to bark but should be trained out of the habit.
  • Maltese can easily be injured because of their small size which makes them fragile.
  • Maltese can develop problems such as skin irritation, asthma,  separation anxiety, barking and chewing behaviours, allergies to fleas, dust and food.
  • Maltese are trusting and affectionate but might be difficult to house-train.
  • The Maltese coat is a luxurious coat of white which makes it beautiful to behold. It has only one layer and does not have an undercoat. The hair is silky, long, and non-shedding.


Listed below is the price regulation of Maltese in cities in India.


Maltese dog is known as one of the oldest breed in this city. In Delhi, the price standard depends on the appearance, health, quality, of the Maltese dog or puppy. The average price of miniature Maltese in Delhi is  between 35,000INR and 60,000INR. The toy size Maltese dog costs 45,000INR to 80,000INR based on the quality. To get the best quality in Delhi, contact a trustworthy professional breeder or a registered pet store.


In Bangalore, Maltese dogs’prices is between 40,000INR and Rs.60,000INR. It is advisable to purchase a purebreed( 100%champion quality) that has no health issues. Ensure that the appearance and health of the dog/ puppy meet the required standards. 


Mumbai is a well-known city that you can easily purchase a Maltese dogs/ puppy. In Mumbai, the Maltese are pricedbetween 40,000INR and 60,000INR . To get the best quality, ensure you have full information in order to know what to look out for before making purchases. To be able to cater to your dog, you  should have prior knowledge to help you keep it healthy and happy.


In this city, maltese dog price range is between 35,000INR and 55,000INR based on information obtained from some professional Breeders. The price range may also be affected by the health, origin, quality and appearance of the puppy/dog.

Himachal Pradesh:-

In this city, Maltese puppy/dog is sold within the price range of 30,000 to 52,000INR. The champion quality is sold around 60,000INR.


In Pune, Maltese Puppy price is between 45,000INR to 60,000INR for the champion quality.  The mixed breed is sold at a cheaper rate between 35,000INR to 40,000INR. Make sure that you have substantial information that can aid you choose a quality purebreed.

Other Cities and their prices include:

KolkataAround ₹50,000
SuratAround ₹55,000
SrinagarAround ₹48,000
VisakhapatnamAround ₹50,500
ChennaiAround ₹55,000
GurgaonAround ₹45,000
VadodaraAround ₹50,000
ChandigarhAround ₹52,000
KeralaAround ₹32,000 – 38,000
NagpurAround ₹35,000 – 40,000
NashikAround ₹36,000 – 41,000

Factors Affecting the Maltese Dog Price in India:-

The factors that determine the price of Maltese in India include the following:

Type/ Category:-

Just like other breeds in India, Maltese dogs/puppy are categorized into Basic, Quality and KCI registration. Kennel club of India do not accept puppies from Basic because their breed is of high quality. The price of Maltese puppy is 30,000INR. KCI dogs can be registered for dog shows and will be given the certificate after proper registration.

Characteristics and Attributes of the Maltese dog:-

The price of a Maltese can greatly be affected by the dog/ puppy’s coat color, length, health status and many more. The Maltese dogs are mostly in white coats and may not really affect the average price.

Sometimes, professional Breeders may classify the Maltese into three different canine categories which is mostly based on their size.  But there are some breeders who do classify Maltese canines in three different categories which are based on their size. The three categories which are; Miniature, Teacup and Toy Maltese affect the prices in some cities in India.

Gender & Age of the Maltese:-

Indians love to go for the puppy instead of the older dogs. The young puppies and puppy dogs sells faster. The male dogs also sell more than the female ones. The mixed breeds are also cheaper than the pure breeds.  The mixed breeds have higher tendency to develop heritary problems than the the pure breeds. This makes the purebred Maltese more expensive.

Location and availability of Maltese:-

In India, compared to other breeds such as Beagles, Shih Tzu, German Spitz and many more, are not easily available and expensive.  They aren’t as common as the other breeds aforementioned in India and this makes their prices higher.

Also, purchasing breeds from a distant location, such as a different city or state cost more than getting one in a nearby location. If it is an imported breed, an additional fee is added as the shipping/ travel expenses.

Reputation of a Maltese Breeder:-

This is a major factor that influence prices of Maltese in india. Popular  Professional Breeders that are well-known sell their breeds at a higher price than their counterparts who aren’t reputable and popular.

 Things you should know to get quality Maltese in India

  •  The Maltese  picks up commands very quickly because of their intelligence. With basic obedience training, treats and praise, they become breeds that have the natural tendency to please.
  •   The coat of the maltese is dense, glossy, silky and shiny. The coat falls heavily along the body without curls and the colour is pure white or sometimes, a tinge of ivory. The Adult weight is usually 3–4 kg/ 7–9 lb,  Bitches weigh 20–23 cm/ 8–9Ib.
  • The plastic version of the Maltese dog is the cheapest. They aren’t pretty and have health issues at the long run. You must know the generation/type of breed you are purchasing in order to understand their nature of the specie. Maltese dogs that show quality are more expensive in comparison to others.
  •  Maltese cute facial expression, playful and happy mood and it’s long silky coat makes it famous among the toy breeds. If the coat isn’t properly trimmed, the length of its hair can grow until it reaches  the ground.

On a final note, Maltese is playful, gentle, charming, adorable and its owner can teach it some tricks with a treats method to make it learn faster. They require high maintenance, most especially, monthly grooming and daily brushing. They can live in hot weather in India and the best option is to maintain the maximum of 25 degree Celsius using AC for your Maltese.


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