Shih Tzu

Height: Dogs (20–28 centimetres;7.9–11.0 in); Bitches (20–28 centimetres ;7.9–11.0 in)
Weight: (4–7.5 kilograms ;8.8–16.5 lb)
Colour: (Gold, Dark/Light Brown, White, Black, White, Grey, Liver/White)
Litter size: (2–9)
Life span: (10–18 years, average is 12 years old)
Hypoallergenic: Yes

Pet lovers, come along as we introduce you to the world of shih Tzu puppy or dog. This review is to inform you by giving useful information when making your choice. Therefore, let’s take a proper look at the prices of shih Tzu in India.

The most commonly asked question regarding acquiring a pet is their affordability. You might be wondering,” what is the price of Shih Tzus in India?” You don’t need to think too far because you are in the right place and we aid your thinking. We are here to show you the price structures in different cities of India.

Ladies and gentlemen, before delving into the aspect of the Shih Tzu price in India, we will like to tell you about this breed, the traits/features to look out for on the quest to purchase a Shih Tzu.

Shih Tzu

What is Shih Tzu?

Shih Tzu, a Chinese dog that looks like a little lion and has become a popular breed across the world. For dog lovers, this is a sweet and small puppy to be adored. It is considered as a good pet for any who decides to purchase or adopt it.

 It is noted in history that shih Tzu came from the Pekingese and Lhasa Apo. It is said that the name “Shih Tzu” is a Chinese language meaning, “Lion”. Shih Tzu means “lion dog” in Chinese. The origination of Shih Tzu is traced to the Tibetan Plateau in the 1600s, regarded as the coldest place andthey can be comfortable in this region because of their thick double coat that keeps it warm in the winters.

When you see this dog, you have to look out for these features to help you to easily identify it. It has a short snout, large round eyes that are dark brown, floppy ears, short and stout posture, heavily furred tail curled at its back, a little sturdy dog, double coat and the presence of underbites on this cute breed. It is a small size puppy with a fun and playful personality as well as a calm and friendly temperament.

The Traits of Shih Tzu:-

Here are some traits you should look at for on your quest to acquire or even adopt this puppy.

Height: Dogs (20–28 centimetres;7.9–11.0 in); Bitches (20–28 centimetres ;7.9–11.0 in)

Weight: (4–7.5 kilograms ;8.8–16.5 lb)

Colour: (Gold, Dark/Light Brown, White, Black, White, Grey, Liver/White)

Litter size: (2–9)

Life span: (10–18 years, average is 12 years old)

Hypoallergenic: Yes

Shih Tzu Price in India:-

Shih Tzu dog is a popular breed that can be found in major and most Indian cities. This might be known as an exotic breed but it isn’t an arduous task to find Shih Tzu breeders in India as they are available anywhere you can think of. This article will give you the information you need.

Frankly Speaking, you can find a Shih Tzu that meets your budget in India. This breed isn’t too expensive and can easily get a good bargain. In India, you can find a Shih Tzu in India within the price range of 25,000 Rs to 40,000Rs.

Price of Shih Tzu Variation in India:-

Here is the price of Shih Tzu Variation in India:

Basic: Shih Tzu Puppy price ranges from 20,000Rs to 50,000Rs.This category includes Shih Tzu dogs and puppies that are made available locally available in diverse region of India.

KCI registered: This is the shortened form of Kennel Club of India. Shih Tzu Puppy price ranges from 25,000Rs to 40,000Rs.

Quality: Shih Tzu Puppy price ranges from 40,000Rsto 65,000Rs.

Shih Tzu Price in Diverse Cities:-

It should be noted that the price of a Shih Tzu puppy varies in cities of India. In order to give you the accurate price of this breed, I did extensive research by contacting some registered pet stores and dog breeders to provide the prices of pure Shih Tzu in their cities. Here is the compilation of the prices to guide you when you set out to get a Shih Tzu. Pay attention!

Mumbai: in this city, a pure Shih Tzu price is around 25,000Rs to 30,000Rs from a pet store or dog breeder. In addition, a Champion’s Shih Tzu breed price can be purchased up to 50,000Rs.

Delhi:  This city offers a quality shih Tzu puppy from 22,000Rs to 25,000Rs and can be gotten from a good pet store or a reputable dog breeder. Although, some dog mills offer lower prices, they do not guarantee quality and I do not recommend them.

Bangalore: in this city, dog breeders and local petshops offer a purebred Shih Tzu breed for 30,000 Rs.

Kolkata:  in this city, youcan purchase a champion breed Shih Tzufor 30,000Rs. In this breed, a healthy lineage is guaranteed and can even be purchased from local pet shops within the price range of 20,000Rs. to 25,000Rs.

Chennai: A quality Shih Tzu puppy cost 20,000Rs to 25,000Rs in this city. There can be a price increment depending on the quality of breed within the price range of 30,000Rs to 50,000Rs.

Other cities prices include the following:

Jaipur: 20,000Rs to 25,000Rs.

Ahmedabad: 23,000 Rs to 25,000Rs.

Thane: 20,000 Rs to 25,000Rs.

Hyderabad:15,000Rs to 20,000Rs.

Lucknow: 25,000Rs to 30,000Rs.

Kanpur: 20,000Rs to 22,000Rs.

Pune: 25,000Rs to 35,000Rs.

Surat: 25,000Rs to 30,000Rs.

Nagpur: 20,000Rs to 30,000Rs.

Monthly Expenses of Shih Tzu you Should Know:

There is no dog breed that do not need taking care of and Shih Tzu isn’t left out. Here are some expenses you need to take note of when deciding to go for this particular breed.

Feeding Costs:-

Shih Tzu is a small size dogand do not require large quantity of food. You can feed it smaller portions of food. The prices of food for this particular breed are largely dependent on the type of food you have decide to choose to feed the shih Tzu.

The medium quality food prices range from 1000Rs to 1500Rs and going for higher quality food also cost much more. For example, feeding the shih Tzu dog fresh meat as it main food will cost you within 2000Rs to over 3000Rs monthly.

Home made and non-veg dog food can be fed to the Shih Tzu. This saves you a lot of money at the long run.  It is advisable to give dog food to puppies less than a year old. The puppies should be fed at least once in a day with dog food if there is no addition of non-veg in the feeding plan for your dog.

Grooming Expenses:-

Grooming is an important aspect that ensure the welfare and health of your shih Tzu. It helps to maintain the total health of the breed. With regular grooming of the shih Tzu, health complications can be averted to keep it in good shape.

To have a full-service grooming for your ShihTzu, a professional groomer will charge between 1500Rs to 2000Rs during a session with it. Howbeit, to save you some money, you can learn some basics of grooming your Shih Tzu. You can acquire the right equipment and accessories for grooming the Shih Tzu for a year with nothing less than 500Rs monthly to carry out the grooming at home.  Engaging in this activity with your shih Tzu forms a special bond.

Vet and Vaccinations Expenses:-

It is essential in the first year of a Shih Tzu puppy to be taken for an expert checkup. It is mandatory to take it to the vet for monthly checkups and vaccination.

In the first year, the vet will charge between 5000Rs to 10,000Rs for all the vaccines to be administered on the shih Tzu. Afterwards, there is need to take the shih Tzu for regular checkups by the vet with the charges of nothing less than 1000Rs to 2000Rs.

Mind you, the expenses are variant a d depended on the vet used and the city you are located. Let take a look at a big city like the Mumbai in which the first-yearexpenses are nothing less than 20,000Rs. This can be much lesser in a small City as most vet charge around 5,000Rs.

Neutering/Spaying Expenses:-

Neutering / spraying is a great plan when you want to breed the shih Tzur. This has many health benefits on the shih Tzur. It is estimated that the surgery cost is around 10,000Rs to 15,000Rsin some cities.  There are also more expenses for shih Tzu’s aftercare and meditation.

Toys and Treats Expenses:-

 The truth is that you might not be available to cater to your shih tzu all day long. There are good and quality toys that can keep your shih Tzu entertained for a long time when you are away. You need to ensure that the toys are safe for your shih Tzu to play with and can be of help during gum irritation or the teething phase as the case may be.  To get quality toys for your shih Tzu might cost you up 1,000Rs yearly.

You can actively engage your shih Tzu by using Tricks and treats.  This can enable it learn things faster as the treats serve as motivation. This will cost 300Rs to 500Rs monthly.

On a final note, the shih Tzu can be trained to be a good companion. Its bubbly and jolly nature makes it ideal as a lap dog. Take time to do a thorough research by reading this post to the end in order to be properly guided in making the best choice of shih Tzu.

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