Slot Overview: Peggy Sweets

Various studios that create casino games get notoriety for various reasons, such as being known as “hardcore” or “masters of massively volatile games,” etc. Although Red Tiger is well-known for many things, the creation of scatter-paying grid slots may not be one of them. The designers of Peggy Sweets have combined a scatter-paying grid slot type with a somewhat out-of-the-ordinary theme. The end product is, well, the end result, and it may need to be heard to be appreciated fully. Until then, let’s express ourselves in writing.

The first difficulty is deciding which thematic subgenre of video game Peggy Sweets best fits. Not quite as sweet as Sweet Bonanza or Sugar Rush, but still a fruit machine, I guess. Perhaps in the vein of Donuts, or perhaps POP? Peggy Sweets, however, not only brings back the simpler times of chrome, curlers, and gingham, but also packs in sweet delicacies. The players arrive at a diner that specializes in sugary, calorie-dense treats in a variety of ways. It’s really… paste-like, with plenty of bright pinks, purples, and yellows.

The theoretical RTP for Peggy Sweets is 95.68%, and it is generated by a highly volatile mathematical model. You may get your roll on with as little as 10 percent and as much as £/€10 every paid gaming round, regardless of the device you’re using. There’s a 5×5 grid in the centre, and you win if you see at least 8 matching symbols. After a scatter win, the board is cleared of all scatter symbols and new symbols fall into their places. This mechanism can start winning streaks that continue until the spin ends with no further wins.

There are seven standard pay symbols in Peggy Sweets, with four sweet things representing the lowest payouts and three feminine figures, or “girls,” representing the highest. Scatter wins pay out at a rate of 0.1x to 1x the wager for a combination of 8 symbols, and increase to 12.5x to 150x the wager for a combination of 25 symbols or more. Neither the regular game nor the bonus game of Peggy Sweets have wild symbols, as is customary for scatter pays slots.

Slot Machine Featured Peg Bunny Candy

One of the three aforementioned modifiers corresponds to each of the three high-pay symbols. Next to the grid in the standard game, a single portrait of a woman will appear, representing the possible modifier for the current spin.

One random low-paying symbol type is exchanged for a higher-paying symbol when you play the “Pink Girl” bonus.

If a blue girl appears on the grid, the number of that particular symbol kind will double. The tiles themselves remain the same size but are doubled in value.

Any further wins during the respin and subsequent chain reactions are multiplied by a factor of 2x to 5x when triggered by the yellow female.

Bonus Turns

Three free spin symbols anywhere on the board triggers eight free games. All of the girls’ modifiers are active during free spins, and several modifiers can activate at once. In addition, the Star girl’s multipliers remain in place even after the free spins have ended, with a maximum of x30.

During the bonus game, all free spins symbols disappear from the reels, making it impossible to retrigger the feature in this fashion. When female-themed symbols form winning combinations, however, the progress bar on the reels advances by one position. The value of a symbol is doubled for a pair. The remaining number of free spins will be increased by eight if the bar reaches 36 symbols.

Additional Purchase Bonus

Unlike many other Red Tiger machines, Peggy Sweets may come equipped with a Buy Feature button. If you get it, you can enter the bonus round for an additional 60 times your initial wager. With an RTP of 95.74%, buying spins is a sure bet.

Candy Judgement by Peggy Suckers

It’s up to the individual to decide whether Peggy Sweets is cheeky or corny. The game veers between the two extremes, balancing the sugary sweets theme with a hint of sexual innuendo. Perhaps the latter or a little bit more? Red Tiger hasn’t gone crazy with the sexiness, though; they’ve managed to combine the novel setting with playable mechanics.

With regard to the game’s mechanics, Peggy Sweets brought up the popular Play’n GO slot Moon Princess and its numerous offshoots. In addition to the main game’s usual split symbols, multipliers, and symbol upgrades, the active females will occasionally activate their own unique modifiers. Peggy Sweets, on the other hand, is a much easier game than Moon Princess. Here, the main game keeps spinning until a certain number of scatter symbols appear, at which point the bonus round begins. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach, but it does mean that Moon Princess’ technique of clearing the grid to get free spins gives Peggy Sweets a more compelling sense of struggle and reward. Here, in the bonus round, you obtain all three modifiers, and they were rather reliable in their effects. There is nothing particularly noteworthy about Peggy Sweets, however the maximum payout of 5,173 times the wager seems reasonable when compared to the kind of slots with which it may be competing.

If games like The Border and Propaganda are your idea of a killer grid slot, Peggy Sweets is likely to leave you feeling a bit (or a lot) empty. A game that seems to be aimed for a specific demographic may nonetheless have some redeeming qualities for the correct player. Let’s not speculate on who could be watching, but it’s possible that punters will have an idea whether or not they’re interested in Peggy Sweets even before they give it a try.






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